Sponsor Shout-Out: McAlister Development Company

Valentine’s Day might be over, but it’s never too late to share some LOVE!

We wanted to take one minute and tell you why we love McAlister Development Company, our Title Sponsor again this year. McAlister Development Company (MDC) has been closely tied with Pattison’s Academy from the first year of the Pattison’s Summer Camp. A neighbor of Debbie Lamb, one of the four Pattison’s founders, Anthony and Bonnie McAlister reached out early on to support camp and eventually the school, Pattison’s Academy for Comprehensive Education (P.A.C.E). The McAlister’s have “introduced” Pattison’s to many of us in the community, and it was the introduction from them that sparked the idea for a Spinning® Marathon. Now here we are- five years and over $400,000 later- with MDC still sponsoring, still showin’ the true Pattison’s love.

MDC builds, serves, and gives. They give of their time, their resources, and their energy. They don’t just sponsor the Spinning® Marathon- they show up and ride and then raise even more money for their bikes. Giving- it is the essence of our event, and we are filled with gratitude to be surrounded with givers like MDC. Thanks Anthony, Bonnie, and all of our MDC Friends!

Spinning® Event to Sustain Pattison Academy's Summer Camp